Paprimur always acts within ethical principles and values in a normal, natural and spontaneous way in any kind of act or situation, that is why those ethical behaviours are also asked in exchange to anyone in relation with us. As a reflection of all this, Paprimur possesses a “Code of Ethics and Business Conduct” that constitutes a very valuable action plan in order to behave in an ethical and responsible way within legality in our internal and external relations and whose main purpose is to expose how Paprimur acts, as well as what we expect from our partners. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is at your complete disposal and we will be delighted to solve any eventual doubt or clarification.

Several company policies have been created on the basis of our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct with the purpose of developing those ethical principles so that they are applied in different concrete areas of our activity and, at the same time, they are used to prevent any illegal infraction.  This is the case of Paprimur “Policy of Presents, Benefits, Gifts and Courtesy” which we apply with our clients, suppliers and Public Administrations or any other third party. Those policies are accepted and obeyed by all interested parties and they are also at your complete disposal.

It is a common responsibility to respect and watch over the observance of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and of any other company policy, being Paprimur the first one interested in legal compliance; therefore, any person who is aware of any non-compliance of the conducts gathered in it, their infringement or violation of its standards, principles or guidelines, as well as any justified suspicion, is under the obligation of informing immediately his/her superior and/or head of department in Paprimur, as well as the Responsible of the Complaints Channel of the company through the following procedure (