Normative Compliance

Paprimur has an unbreakable will of obeying the applicable law, in addition to the internal ethical rules of the company, since we are committed to the compliance of law and legal regulation and we do not accept, under any circumstances, conducts that might be illegal or criminal, having zero tolerance with regards to penal risks, illicit actions and fraud. As a result, Paprimur’s commitment to normative compliance not only does involve law, legal regulation and internal self-imposed rules, but also the promotion of an ethical culture and corporative integrity in its everyday activity. On account of this, in order to send a clear message in this regard to any interested part, we have a summary of Paprimur Penal Compliance Policy which reflects the strategic and operational objectives of the organisation on this subject . Conduct parameters expected from our partners are established based on these general principles; therefore we demand commitment in exchange, providing measures and consequences in case of non-compliance.

Likewise, it is a common responsibility to respect and watch over the observance of the law and legal normative, being Paprimur the first one interested in legal compliance; therefore, any person who is aware of any non-compliance, infringement or any justified suspicion is under the obligation of informing immediately his/her superior and/or head of department in Paprimur, as well as the Responsible of the Complaints Channel of the company through the following procedure