Paprimur understands its commercial activity as an outstanding occasion to satisfy the current needs of the people with whom we establish a relation all over the world, keeping and even improving the capacity of the new generations to maintain a balance between economic growth, environment care and social welfare.

For Paprimur, having a Social Corporate Responsibility Policy comes as second nature. In the same way, this Policy lies in and interacts with the different Paprimur policies and codes; furthermore any action that might be needed will be carried out in this sense. Good proof of it is that, being entirely respectful towards human and labour rights, we also have a very specific “Supply Chain and Suppliers Code” whose compliance is tightly linked with the respect of human and labour rights, basic principles of our SCR Policy. These policies are also available for any interested party.

Paprimur S.L. has at the disposal of its interest groups several channels of communication and participation, specifically with regards to this policy and to all principles and actions aimed at sustainability wherever we have commercial relations, mainly the following email address: